Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

BuyinG sOmethin' That we ShoULDn't

Here we are again reading my not so good blog. Related to the topics, its clearly enough to clarify that I'm shopaholic. Do I? Hahaha but I speak the truth. Its seem my last shopping mopping is last week during the Christmas Eve. As you really know that shopping is synonym to girls but here in Alexandria, shopping is like common to both of the gender.

Here in Alexandria we have 2 shopping mall which are Alexandria City Center and also San Stefano City Center. Eventhough is doesn't seem comparable even with Malaysian shopping complex but for us the Alexandrian these 2 mall can give us hope and the opportunity to be like the other SHOPAHOLIC out there.

On that particular day, (its actually exams day but I go after the OSCE exam) my friend and I is actually do some window shop only. But there's huge sale actually there and my eyes can't stop blinking!!! there's 70% off for GUESS products, 50% off for ESPRIT and many more!!!


Being unreasonable was what happened that day. I'm buying something that actually I didn't need. Do you think that buying shoes about 70 USD from GUESS house is worth?? but for me its actually worth!!! unforgettable experience of wearing something classy making my desire of shopping increase in huge amount!! That wasn't stop by just buying some shoes. I do also buying pant from GUESS by Marciano that actually cost you about 200 USD but with a greatly reduced price!!!

So for me, shopping make me happy!! Even there's many other way to enjoy yourself. But for certain reason I do regret something....the first intention why I went to that shopping center for the first place wasn't achieved. What a shame!!! But I don't care because I can go next month and buy that fucking MOBILE PHONE!!! HAHAHAHA.....

Of course the total balance for my spending on that particular month wasn't good...I just can eat MAGGI, Falafil and all other stuff that particularly cheap...but it's okay. Maybe its cause by the influence of CONFESSION OF SHOPAHOLIC...ahhaha..

My quote of the day:

Its doesn't matter how you look or people judge at you, but you are still gorgeous if people look at you wearing those branded item that they even particularly don't have it

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