Isnin, 26 Disember 2011

Perpisahan untuk kebaikan

 like before today post was nothing special.
I just wanna say something is that deep in my heart, 
i'm sincerely sorry to remove some of my friend
from my friend list...

BUT its for the sake of my life now and ongoing future...
We were still friend outside the world wide web but not anymore in Facebook, Twitter or watsoever.
 I'm really sorry to do so even though i know you can't read anything through my status in those web...
but sincerely i just want to remind you and myself that
 somehow you were one of the best memories that i ever had...
i hope that we can be together di bawah lindungan Arash when the judgement day come...InsyaALLAH..Amin
thats all from me today... 
see u next time!!! 

Abu Hurairah ra telah meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda:

”Terdapat 7 golongan yang akan mendapat lindungan 'arashNya pada hari yang tiada lindungan melainkan lindungan daripadaNya.

1. Pemimpin yang adil 

2. Pemuda yang masanya dihabiskan untuk beribadah kepada Allah SWT

3. Seseorang yang hatinya terpaut pada masjid

4. Dua lelaki yang berkasih sayang dan bertemu dan berpisah kerana Allah SWT

5. Lelaki yang digoda oleh perempuan cantik dan berpengaruh untuk melakukan maksiat tetapi dia menolak dengan mengatakan Aku Takutkan Allah

6. Seseorang yang bersedekah dan menyembunyikannya sehinggakan tangan kanannya tidak mengetahui apa yang diberikan oleh tangan kirinya

7. Seseorang yang mengingati Allah ketika bersendirian sehinggakan mengalir air matanya kerana Allah SWT.”
Hadis Riwayat Muslim

Ahad, 25 Disember 2011

Let the spoiled be the remembrance


First of all sorry again for not posting anything for a long period of time.

Today I just wanna share with u guys a picture of my cat named adik/meowsi/Joey... This cat was a spoiled one. Last month only it cause me around 1000LE. Why?? Bcoz he bite my MacBook and iPhone charger.

But I do agree that he is spoiled due to lack of social life around him. And this caught my attention the most.

Why I said so?? Because he keep reminds me that wether you live alone in this world or faraway from the one you love, you still have Allah by your side. Allah will never leave you even you are faraway from His path. It's only us who often forget and neglected HIM. Allah tak pernah kurang seinci pun tanpa kasih dan perhatian kita. Semoga ini menjadi peringatan utk kita semua. May Allah forgive our sins, accept our repentance and granted us Jannah in the judgement day..Amin

Sabtu, 16 Julai 2011

When the liar tell lies

What are friends? Friends are people that you think are your friends. But they're really your enemies, with secret identities and disguises, to hide their true colors. So just when you think you're close enough to be brothers they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't looking" 
Its happens sometime when friends tell lies. 

But this will of course causes changing of the perception toward that person....
Especially when the liar is one of the circle friend of yours... 

When this situation is happening, you might have that feeling of being betrayed, mad toward that person and also annoyed....

I think most of us will agree with that...

Plus, it is absolutely will affect your relationship with that person particularly for at least for short period of time!!! 

Like mom always says that if you're caring on people more than your own self
 sometimes it hurts when the person itself didn't care at all about your feeling....

Dear readers, I just want to state that majority of the article written wasn't particularly represent somebody. 

It is simply because for some reasons
some of my friends do think and keep telling that they were related to the article


 if and only if that's happen I'm truly sorry for that. 
It just that I think that I've the right to express my feeling toward certain issues. 

Yup that's right!!! 
Hopefully everybody agree with me!!! 
That's all from me and wish me good luck for my incoming exams!!! 

Selasa, 12 Julai 2011

Secret: a step away to hell

Secret recipe is one of the most delicious and favorite cake makers in Malaysia and everybody will agree on that!!!


when it comes to "SECRET" as in real secret, it doesn't sound tasty or good anymore.
 Why is this happening??? It might be that we are afraid of the consequences of knowing the secret itself. Yup, of course all of you knows that knowing the shhhh...thing will sometimes bring the feeling of uneasiness to you yourself!!! And absolutely it might change of your perception toward the issue might be bad or even worst from the real one!!! 

On top to this issue, I think that maybe some of us including me love to know people secret..
hahhhaha BAZINGGA!!
 I'm of course a busy body person!!!! 

Have you encounter someone that is trying to tell you something but hang it up before you know the thing that he trying to tell you!!! Of course it will annoyed you!!! Really2x hate that feeling!!!! 
Hahahaha I see some of you smiling!!!! 
its ok!!

 But as a Muslim we must know the fact that knowing the secrete itself might be a bad thing to us for sure!!! Because it adds burden to you because you must kept the secret as "secret" as possible in order to stop the possibility of circulating "fitnah" or bad talks among us!!! the secret itself was just like AMANAH!!! So try to avoid it if you can!!!
So bad part of me that I love of knowing people secret!!! 

May Allah forgive and those people whom love secret but really can't keep it tight!!! 
You must know that this is one of the criteria of Munafik if you break the AMANAH!!!

“There are three signs of “Munafiq”; When he speaks he Lies, when he promises he breaks those promises and when he is entrusted, he embezzles.” (Hadith Bukhari and Muslim) 

just small reminder from me...may we practice what was good for us!!! AMIN

Ahad, 10 Julai 2011


"Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from".

Nowadays people always make mistake!!!! 
Do they realized it??? 
Do they want to correct it???
Do they really accept when people criticizing them based on their mistake???
 Do they take it into positive view???

(sorry to those whom not fall within this categories)

They always take it for granted!!!

so they are:

Common people!!!!!

This kind of person should only be living within their own world.

 Don't you try on commenting and interfere with other people life!!!! if you think that you were the one whom always be on the right side, go live your life by your own!!! I don't think you know that you annoyed people around you most of the time??? Of course you don't realized it???

So you folks if you have this kind of advise to you, leave them!!! Though it's sound bad or somehow people called it childish but it's better do to so rather than letting your opinion disappear into thin air without even been heard!!! Believe me!!! as if I've encounters them that's what first came out in my mind!!! childish rite!!!! But it's ok to be childish rather than having the feeling of left out which is much and much more hurtful!!! So just accept my advise!!!

So that's all from me today!!! Cau cin cau!!!!
(im not angry but just want to express myself)

Rabu, 6 Julai 2011

KnowLedge of Today for BETTER day OF tomoRROW

Salam Bertemu kembali....
hari ni tak nak crita banyak2...
Just want to tell all of you some info!!!
These are the first 5 that i'll tell you!!!

1. Life expectancy
68 yearsis the average life expectancy at birth of global population in 20092. Deaths 74 %

of child death occurs in Africa and South-East Asia3. Malnutrition

is the common death in AFRICA and other low income countries4. Ischemic heart disease 

is the main cause of death in the WORLD which affected 7.25 millions of people5. Small Pox is totally eradicate in the world

that's all for today...TQ for visiting!!!

Ahad, 5 Jun 2011

Nothing is everything (xde kene mengena pun!!)

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again".

George Santayana

yup thats rite!!!
I still remembered this quotes like maybe for the rest of my life!!!
thanks to my history teacher for that!!!!

So todays motion is nothing to do about those QUOTES.....
its just like I'm trying to have a space for myself again....
like nowadays i love to SWIM at the beach which is located so near to my house!!!
(later on i'll will post the picture)

Plus, rite now i trying to adapt to my new surrounding....
to my circle of friends, my new house and new problem...

its seem like yesterday since we left the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN
now its coming to US!!!
are we ready to face it???
so in order to face it....
we must prepare ourself
great spiritual and physical attitude
so, let we all prepared for it by
1. fasting during REJAB N SYA'BAN

2. pray to ALLAH

3. do lots of GOOD DEEDS
n many more.....

ok thats all for today
bye my beloved friend!!!
see you soon!!!

Ahad, 15 Mei 2011

life is uncertainty

''You cannot be certain about uncertainty.''

Yup thats true!!!

can never argue on that matter..


in order to lead a

happyglorious and non-complex formed of life.. 

u should be CERTAIN in what u do...

or else something bad or even worst will happen.

and that is what actually happens to me....

regarding my exams

my miserable life as a medical student 




not forgetting

my bad management of finance... 
(really need help on the last one)

i'm thinking the solution but 
seem that it will never ever come...sigh!! 


my exam and study...

1. always do teropong2 thing 
(alamak kantoi)

2. always last minute study

3. never believe in self/others

(thats why lots of medical student QUIT!!!)

and regarding my financial status....

always like a GORENG PISANG...

always sold out!!


but its still under control....

rite now i'm doin' what they called

(in a good way lah)
(just picture not the reality of what am I doing)
thats is what on my mind rite now...
can someone help me???
other than:
1. tell me to pray to ALLAH and seek HIS Forgiveness 
2. mintak maap ngan kawan2
3. meet psychiatrist

really need your help kawan2!!!  

Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011

hari ibu??

Salam bertemu kembali semua!!!
sorila hari ni tak nak tulis panjang2...

BTW tau tak hari ni hari ape????


Happy Mothers Day to all mother in the whole WORLD!!!
(padahal baru je tau tadi...hehehe)
tapi yg paling penting ini ditujukan khas buat ibu tercinta
(sorry no pic available....)
trima kasih di atas kasih dan sayangmu yg tak terhingga =

juga dengan kasih dan sayangmu

 aku sampai 

di bumi Mesir ini....

sesungguhnya jasa dan pengorbanmu tiada terhingga mendidik aku menjadi insan yg mulia

semoga jasamu ini tidak akan ku lupa buat selama-lamanya....



Ahad, 24 April 2011

BaranG Baru @ lamA

Selamat bertemu kembali
apa kabar sumer????
hopefully sumer sihat2 belaka...
BTW ari ni nk cakap pasal barang baru....
but for those yg dah tau....
sorila mende ni jadi mende lama plak bagi korang....
so bagi sesape yg nk tau 
teruskanla ekk....

Ade sesape tau pasal google sphere??
google gravity
google reverse/mirror
epic google
rainbow google
google loco
annoying google
google pacman...?????
its actually good for those whom love something difference in their life
like "other than usual la kan"

senang jer 
korang taip je salah satu drpd word kat atas tu
then tekan i'm feeling lucky kat page carian Google tuh....
pastu korang rasakn perbezaannya!!!!
best tau!!!
tapi yg paling best of course 2 awal tu la

Google sphere

Google gravity


remember this is not a joke!!!! xde nyer hantu2 akan muncul!!!


Selasa, 19 April 2011


Hello kammooo......
hari ni just nk ckp pasal twitter...
ala burung biru tuh!!!!
korang kenal punyelah!!!

Mesti korang pelik kan....
dah la dah lame mende ni wujud kat dunia ni
skrg baru nk cakap???


Tapi nk buat mcm mane....
thats the real thing happens sometime...

Cerita nyer bermula macam nih!!!

Pada suatu petang yg indah
burung2 pun berkicau...
ade yg menyanyi...
ade yg bergumbira....
(ek ele kantoi tiru usop wilcha!!!!)

tetiba je tergerak hati ni nk buat akaun TWITTER
LAME kan....
org dah ade twitter berzaman dah
dier baru nk buat...

Ala bukan ape 
saje je nk try out twitter
org kate best
tapi tak tau plak berapa jauh best dier boleh pegi
yelah kan skrg ni kan sumer org gune FB 

hasil kreatif buatan Mark Zuckerberg n the Gang...

bukan nk kata twitter tak feymous 

BUT FB much more better kan...
kang tak pasal2 aku kene saman....

(sorry Jack nk buat mcm ne 
sape sruh tak buat filem macam Mark Zuckerberg buat)

(ntahla ade org kate best n ade kate tak)

soryla tapi berapa ramai org kat dunia ni kenal 
Jack Dorsey compared to Mark Zuckerberg
(angkat tgn mcm saya klau kome kenal yg first tu.....hahhahah)

BTW both of them mmg hebat...






KORang sumer jgn lupe follow aku kat TWITTER ekk!!


jgn gelak if the follower wuz just 1 person only!!!!

(nk tgk shrek la ari ni)