Ahad, 5 Jun 2011

Nothing is everything (xde kene mengena pun!!)

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again".

George Santayana

yup thats rite!!!
I still remembered this quotes like maybe for the rest of my life!!!
thanks to my history teacher for that!!!!

So todays motion is nothing to do about those QUOTES.....
its just like I'm trying to have a space for myself again....
like nowadays i love to SWIM at the beach which is located so near to my house!!!
(later on i'll will post the picture)

Plus, rite now i trying to adapt to my new surrounding....
to my circle of friends, my new house and new problem...

its seem like yesterday since we left the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN
now its coming to US!!!
are we ready to face it???
so in order to face it....
we must prepare ourself
great spiritual and physical attitude
so, let we all prepared for it by
1. fasting during REJAB N SYA'BAN

2. pray to ALLAH

3. do lots of GOOD DEEDS
n many more.....

ok thats all for today
bye my beloved friend!!!
see you soon!!!

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  1. oooo...muhsin, hebatnya...waaa!

  2. u know i'm a good listener to those problems kan?haha~