Rabu, 6 Julai 2011

KnowLedge of Today for BETTER day OF tomoRROW

Salam Bertemu kembali....
hari ni tak nak crita banyak2...
Just want to tell all of you some info!!!
These are the first 5 that i'll tell you!!!

1. Life expectancy
68 yearsis the average life expectancy at birth of global population in 20092. Deaths 74 %

of child death occurs in Africa and South-East Asia3. Malnutrition

is the common death in AFRICA and other low income countries4. Ischemic heart disease 

is the main cause of death in the WORLD which affected 7.25 millions of people5. Small Pox is totally eradicate in the world

that's all for today...TQ for visiting!!!

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