Selasa, 12 Julai 2011

Secret: a step away to hell

Secret recipe is one of the most delicious and favorite cake makers in Malaysia and everybody will agree on that!!!


when it comes to "SECRET" as in real secret, it doesn't sound tasty or good anymore.
 Why is this happening??? It might be that we are afraid of the consequences of knowing the secret itself. Yup, of course all of you knows that knowing the shhhh...thing will sometimes bring the feeling of uneasiness to you yourself!!! And absolutely it might change of your perception toward the issue might be bad or even worst from the real one!!! 

On top to this issue, I think that maybe some of us including me love to know people secret..
hahhhaha BAZINGGA!!
 I'm of course a busy body person!!!! 

Have you encounter someone that is trying to tell you something but hang it up before you know the thing that he trying to tell you!!! Of course it will annoyed you!!! Really2x hate that feeling!!!! 
Hahahaha I see some of you smiling!!!! 
its ok!!

 But as a Muslim we must know the fact that knowing the secrete itself might be a bad thing to us for sure!!! Because it adds burden to you because you must kept the secret as "secret" as possible in order to stop the possibility of circulating "fitnah" or bad talks among us!!! the secret itself was just like AMANAH!!! So try to avoid it if you can!!!
So bad part of me that I love of knowing people secret!!! 

May Allah forgive and those people whom love secret but really can't keep it tight!!! 
You must know that this is one of the criteria of Munafik if you break the AMANAH!!!

“There are three signs of “Munafiq”; When he speaks he Lies, when he promises he breaks those promises and when he is entrusted, he embezzles.” (Hadith Bukhari and Muslim) 

just small reminder from me...may we practice what was good for us!!! AMIN

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